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About us

In 1975, Cotex began playing an active role in national fashion when it began producing lace. With our large investment in Karl Mayer looms, our constant, modern lace creations began to become a regular feature of the clothing and lingerie worn by Portuguese women. We also supplied to many national textile companies and the most famous brands that were being created and expanding in Europe.

Our success is the result of our in-depth knowledge of the market, unique accumulated experience and the close relationships developed with our clients for over 40 years.

We always bear in mind that, in addition to the quality and innovation of our products, what also sets us apart is our agility and flexibility and the speed at which we design and produce them, undertaking a commitment to keep prices at competitive levels. We are also a European manufacturer that meets the highest standards of ethics and social and environmental responsibility.

Our future depends on our being able to maintain all these competitive advantages and continuing to contribute to fashion as a true expression of the individuality of each woman.

                                                                                                                                                     Fernando Cruz, CEO

With our eyes in the future. 


In recent years, we have been investing heavily in new production equipment, in the skills of our staff and in redefining key business processes.

​We are now proudly ready to focus on new challenges and new locations, new approaches and better partnership processes with our clients.

We take care to follow the highest standards of ethics, introducing social and environmental responsibility programmes and assuring high and effective product safety, proven by our STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification.

At a time of constant demanding challenges, Cotex stands firm in its mission and is increasingly becoming a trusted partner for the main European clothing and lingerie brands.

​We develop innovative products according to trends and fashion and maintain a great deal of diversity in our collections.

We produce our products quickly and we are flexible enough to offer the possibility of short series and repetitions.

Our growth is a reflection of our thoroughness, experience and skill at the service of our clients, and a recognition of the value we help to create.

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